MAIN ORGANIZER International Tropical Fruits Network (TFNet)  
  SUPPORT Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industries, Malaysia (MOA)  
  PARTNERS Biotechnology Research Institute, Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS)  
  Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International (CABI)  
    Department of Agriculture (DOA), Sabah  
    Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI)  


  CHAIRMAN Dato' Mohd Sallehhuddin bin Hassan (MOA)  
  ADVISOR Mr. Yacob Ahmad (TFNet)  
  CO-CHAIRMAN 1   Ms. Dorothy Chandrabalan (TFNet)  
  CO-CHAIRMAN 2 Dr. Zarina Amin (UMS)  
  TREASURER Ms. Hariyatul Asni Abdul Rani (TFNet)  
  SECRETARY Ms. Noor Ba'ah Abdol Said (TFNet)  
  MEMBERS Dr. A. Sivapragasam (CABI SEA)  
      Mr. Chong Tan Chun (DOA, Sabah)  
    Dr. Pauziah Muda (MARDI)  
      DOA Peninsular Malaysia (TBC)  


  HEAD Dr. Yew Chee Wei (UMS)  
  MEMBERS Assoc. Prof. Dr. Azwan Awang (UMS)  
  Prof. Dr. Clemente Michael Wong Vui Ling (UMS)  
  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vijay Kumar (UMS)  
  Dr. Zarina Amin (UMS)  
  Dr. Ruzaidi Azli Mohd Mokhtar (UMS)  
  Dr. Nur Athirah Yusof (UMS)  
  Dr. Noor Hydayaty Md. Yusuf (UMS)  
  Mr. Wilson Yong Thau Lym (UMS)  
  Prof. Abd. Rahman Milan (UMS)  
  Prof. Mohammad Mohd Lassim (UMS)  
      Dr. Mohd Selamat Madom (UMS)  
      Dr. Mohd Rakib Mohd Rashid (UMS)  
      Dr. Clament Chin Fui Seng (UMS)  
      Dr. Chong Khim Phin (UMS)  
      Mr. Muhammad Faheem (CABI)  
  Mr. Yacob Ahmad (TFNet)  


  HEAD Ms. Noor Ba'ah Abdol Said (TFNet)  
  CO-HEAD   Dr. Ruzaidi Azli Mohd. Mokhtar (BRI, UMS)  
  MEMBERS   Ms. Hariyatul Asni Abdul Rani (TFNet)  
      Mr. Arifurrahman Rusman (TFNet)  
      Ms. Dorothy Chandrabalan (TFNet)  
      Mr. Christian Anthony T. Cangao (TFNet)  
      Ms. Halijah Hj Abdul Hamid (BRI, UMS)  
      Ms. Azie Zarifah Abdul Aziz (BRI, UMS)  
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